Wireless Digital Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector



  • Motion and temperature* detection in a single device
  • Battery lasts 6-8 years with typical use
  • Easily accessible battery compartment
  • Small size; perfectly shaped for unobtrusive corner placement
  • Pet-immune – Target Specific Imaging™ distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to (85 lb)
  • Uniform detection sensitivity with an operating range of up to 39 ft, with no vertical adjustment needed
  • Faster, easier installations and maintenance
  • Advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm differentiate between intruders and other disturbances
  • Front and back tamper protection

*Local technical contact should be consulted regarding temperature detection support.

This pet-immune detector is a smart dual-function indoor PIR motion detector that offers reliable motion detection and temperature monitoring performance, in one easy-to-install and attractive device.  The ability to distinguish between intruders and other disturbances, as well as humans and pets, ensures higher reliability and reduces false alarms.  Motion detection and temperature monitoring are included–provides the functionality of two detectors for the price of one.  Perfect for smart and secure homes, and small to medium sized enterprises.

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