Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector



  • Provides early warning of carbon monoxide poisoning, before potentially dangerous levels are reached
  • Ensures reliable performance, with robust, industry-leading commercial grade wireless technology
  • Precisely detects CO gas levels with sophisticated electrochemical sensing technology
  • Alerts people onsite by triggering the built-in 85db alarm buzzer and large flashing LED light when CO is detected
  • Extends value and performance with a long-life lithium battery, included
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The PowerG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector provides early warning, to protect people from the silent threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. Leveraging innovative PowerG technology, and equipped with a sophisticated electrochemical sensor, this high-performing device activates visual and audio alarm indicators on the detector itself, before dangerous CO levels are reached. It also initiates an alarm via the security system, for onsite assistance, and to warn users who may not be home. Its compact design, extended battery life, and wireless capability offer home owners greater flexibility in positioning the detector, including locations where wiring is difficult or impossible. Easy testing is made possible with auto and manual test buttons, to ensure the device is in good working condition without triggering false alarms.

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